Blast of Flavors

Blast of Flavors
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The suds, the water, the soap to have an invigorating experience is wonderful in the shower. I enjoy using a product that will last all day with me when I am out and about.  It is even better when it last when I am at work all night.

The other night when I was working at the hospital, I let my hair down when my co-worker was on lunch. When she came back she asked me what I had sprayed since it smelled so good. I could not for the life of me figure out what she was talking about that was until a few minutes later when I remembered that I have shampooed my hair with the pomegranate with acai berry body wash soap. I told her how amazing the new Zest Soap fruit boost is!  The Zest Soap Fruit Boost comes in four scents, which include: Pomegranate with Acai berry, Very Berry, Peach Mango, and Citrus Splash. While I am loving showering with the pomegranate acai berry body wash, I am bad at going overboard on how much soap I use in the shower. The bottles say that you get two times the concentration in every bottle and that is up to 40 showers in every bottle, that is if you use the allotted amount of a quarter size amount. I enjoy feeling good and smelling good is great too.

Zest soap fruit boost citrus splash

Josiah likes the Citrus Splash.  He says it smells oranges, lemons, and limes when he takes a shower. The body wash gets so bubbly with lots of suds and makes you feel so clean. When you are using a loofah, the suds and bubbles are doubled and before you know it, Josiah is playing in the shower. While I do not like that he is trying to stay in the shower for a half an hour, I am happy that he smells fresh and clean.

Zest soap very berry fruit boost

Another new product that Zest has out with the same fruit boost flavor is the amazing fruit smoothies. We got the Peach Mango, Very Berry, and the Citrus Splash this is three out of the four new scents. They are smelling outstanding, the shocking thing is that they are made with avocado oil, apricot seed, and sunflower seeds. When you are running it onto your skin the scrub looks like you’re using a sugar scrub on your skin. This is great since you are seeing where you are scrubbing away the impurities from on top of your skin.

I enjoy using it on my skin and it is even better using it on your hair.   My hair smells wonderful just like the rest of my body. When you are layering the scents on your body it helps the scent last longer.

What scent do you want to try?

You can find Zest Fruit Boosts at Walmart.  You can find them on Facebook.


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