Black Friday Plans

This week is Thanksgiving. My husband says he is seeing so many Black Friday ads. It is amazing and a little sad that businesses are offering sales and specials much earlier than the traditional “Black Friday.” Three years ago, I worked in retail and on Black Friday, I had to work a 10 hour shift. I hated it. Not only that, I did not get my lunch break until 6 hours into my shift.

Last year, I was not working. I did my Black Friday shopping online. My husband was working a graveyard shift and I just happen to wake up early that day. I bought a few things for myself and my husband.

This year, I am working full time. I have a little wish list going for my Black Friday. I plan on shopping online again this year. I would love more clothes and shoes for work. Last year, I bought my first pair of boots in a long time and still wear them this year. I would love another pair of boots. I would love a brown pair of boots. I need sweaters and other attire to keep me warm. I do want to get a few new workout tops and bottoms. New workout shoes would be nice too.

My husband needs new clothes. Every time I ask him what he needs, he tells me he can always go to the store himself.

What is on your Black Friday shopping list? Are you shopping online like me? Are you going to brave the stores?

This Thanksgiving, we do not have any special plans.  We do want to clean and organize our second bedroom.  Since we moved in back in May, it has been our storage room.  We want to organize it and go through our boxes.  Hopefully, we can clean the room up and set up the bed.


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  1. I have already done most of my Christmas shopping, so there is nothing that I NEED to get on Black Friday. I sort of enjoy going to the stores (not at 6 am though) to check out the deals–but shopping online is definitely less stressful!

  2. I’m not going shopping. I might buy one thing online if I can find a good sale that with the shipping, etc., it is still a good bargain.


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