Beyond The Rack But Not Beyond Your Wallet

Beyond The Rack But Not Beyond Your Wallet

Two weeks ago I received this email from Beyond The Rack informing me that I had $20 in free credit to use on their website. I was really excited because, well, $20? Free stuff? No-brainer!

Beyond The Rack is a great website that features items for men, women and kids, maternity and plus size clothing items. I like that they have a wide variety of items such as clothing, shoes, health and fitness products and hand bags just to name a few. They also offer home decor items (holiday-themed stuff included). They have some fantastic Christmas decor available right now. You should definitely check this site out if you have a few minutes.

Holiday items start at just $4.99 and range on up to $189.99 and there are literally tons of affordable options. Supplies are limited, though, so once something is sold out, it’s gone! Go, now!!!

Beyond The Rack But Not Beyond Your WalletBeyond The Rack But Not Beyond Your Wallet


Beyond The Rack But Not Beyond Your WalletBeyond The Rack But Not Beyond Your Wallet Beyond The Rack But Not Beyond Your Wallet



















I really needed at least one new bra. Sorry, hope that doesn’t give anyone a negative visual. But, I don’t buy things for myself very often. My current bras are pretty much falling apart. At least one underwire from each one has either come out or is broken and poking me every time I wear it. So, I did a search on the site for that item and found one that listed for $14.99 that I really loved. The free credit can only be used toward the purchase price and excludes shipping. I got the bra for free, and paid $5.99 for shipping. That’s a great deal in my book considering quality bras can cost $20 and up these days.

Beyond The Rack But Not Beyond Your Wallet

Don’t freak out. That’s not me!!! It’s a model and this is the picture featured on the website of the bra I purchased. Apparently this company (or at least their distribution center) is located in Canada. I received a voicemail from BTR a couple of days after ordering to confirm that they’d received my order and that it could take 2-3 weeks to receive my product. I received this item in the mail a few days ago, and I am very pleased with how well the product matched the representation of the item on the site.

Beyond The Rack But Not Beyond Your Wallet

Very pretty and the fabric feels great. It fits well and looks nice on me. And it came in a nice, neutral plastic package…very confidential, because, ya know, I don’t want to advertise to the world that I ordered an undergarment, right?

Another perk I like is that you can refer your friends to the site and potentially earn $10 in free credit for each one. I don’t remember sending any referrals and there weren’t any listed in my information on the site. So, I don’t know how I earned this credit, but hey, I’ll take it!!! There is an option to share a referral link on Facebook, so maybe I did that and some people made a purchase, earning me the credit. If that’s the case, then I thank them very much!

Beyond The Rack But Not Beyond Your Wallet

In short, my experience with Beyond the Rack has been a good one and I will definitely be shopping from the site in the future, especially if I receive more free credits!

If you are already an avid BTR shopper, or if you decide to try it based on my review, PLEASE let me know how you like it!!! Comments are very welcome and might help someone else decide whether to give the site a try for themselves.


DIsclaimer: I have no material connection to this brand and was not provided with any free products or compensated in any way for this review. My review is based solely on my experience purchasing from Beyond The Rack and all opinions are 100% my own.


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