Bess, Nicholas & A Dog Called Bones Review

Bess, Nicholas & A Dog Called Bones Review


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Bess, Nicholas & A Dog Called Bones
By Tessa Armytage

About the book:
Bess Saint Clair is about to lose everything and the only man who can save her is Nicholas Blake. It’s just a pity she can’t stand him.

Nicholas is a record industry hotshot with a reputation for being a Big, Bad Wolf. That’s okay by publicist Bess – she’s the sort of Little Red Riding Hood who eats wolves for breakfast. From the moment Nicholas and Bess clap eyes on each other they share a common bond: they want to tear each other’s throats out.
When Nicholas discovers that the man he has hired for the job is a woman, he’d like nothing better than to boot her out of his office. When Bess discovers he is one of those creatures of prehistoric legend – a male chauvinist – she’d like nothing better than to flip him the bird and turn on her heel.

But he needs her talent and she needs his money.

Each is hell bent on teaching the other a lesson. Both are about to learn a lesson they’ll never forget. The battle over who will wear the pants will be fiercest when neither is wearing any.

Funny, tender and deeply sensual, Bess, Nicholas & A Dog Called Bones is set in a picturesque valley vineyard and features a heroic, shameless sausage extortionist of a dog who is almost as human, and every bit as unforgettable, as Nicholas and Bess.

My Review:

Bess, Nicholas & A Dog Called Bones is told through Bess’s point of view, we are able to read how she is feeling and what she is thinking.  Reading this book made me realize how crazy women can get when we are in love.  The book surrounds Bess and Nicholas, while Bones is an added bonus.  I love Bones’ personality and she makes me miss having a dog around.  Bess meets Nicholas at her job interview with Nicholas.  Right off the bat, he refuses to hire her because she is female.  He also decides to call her Bess, even though her name is Elizabeth.  Both Nicholas and Bess are very stubborn and feisty people, which causes them to bump heads throughout.

I loved reading the first half of the book, it just had a way of keeping my attention.  By the second half of the book, I lost interest because we were stuck in Bess’s head with her mundane and repetitive thoughts.  She was also acting and behaving like a crazy person which made me think she imagines half of what was happening in the book.  I also wondered if she was on medication just by the way she carried herself.

Nicholas also acted like he was player and only looking for an affair.  Bess wanted something long term with him, but Nicholas kept his distance.  While we never found out how old Nicholas is, I can only assume he’s at least 15 to 20 years older than Bess, who is 28.  I didn’t like that he called her “kid” and I can’t believe she tolerated that considering how stubborn and independent she is.

Nicholas and Bess were in love with each other but couldn’t seem to admit it to each other.  They both acted like jealous fools over miscommunication.

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