Begging is honest?

Yesterday my family and I saw a beggar on the corner with a sign that read something to the effect of, “Need help.  I’d rather beg than steal.  At least it’s honest.”  What bugged me the most about the guy was that he was standing there and his head was hiding behind the sign and looking downward.  He was looking down because he was busy texting on his cell phone.

Picture that for a moment.

This beggar is too busy texting to actually look like he needs help.  He was wearing clean clothes and he looked clean overall.

If you can afford a cell phone, why are you begging for money? Why not sell your smartphone? That way, you can use the cash to pay for food or whatever your family needs.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to sound stuck up here at all. My family and I have had to turn to food banks for help. We have also used food stamps and WIC. My husband is working part time right now and we rely on the extra hours when they call him in to work. He is hoping for a full time position to open up. In the meantime, he just earned his Bachelor’s Degree and he is working on earning additional certifications to add to his resume.


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  1. Susan Johnson says:

    I can’t stand seeing people give to these people and encourage their behavior. They are panhandlers. It is a tax free job that supplements their welfare, disability, and other human services they are receiving, or you are supporting their living under the radar as sex offenders or other kinds of criminals. I have experience in human services, and have had to use them myself. It is B.S. that these people can’t get help. They do not want it!

  2. I totally agree with you. I would have actually asked him about his cell phone,
    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

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