Beauty Box 5 August 2016

Beauty Box 5 August 2016
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August is bittersweet for me! It is the first full month I can sleep in during the summer. My son does not return to school until the last week of August. I am ready for him to go back to school.

I think of August as a chance to pamper myself before school starts! This month’s theme is Do Not Disturb: Pampering In Progress. If you’re a mom, you may not take the time for yourself. Well, this is your chance to be selfish and treat yourself.

Every month is like a little surprise in the mail! If you love getting mail, love beauty and love trying new products, consider subscribing to Beauty Box 5.

In my August box, I received the following items: Global Beauty Care Retinol Spa Treatment Mask, DID. Hair Spa Day Hair Ties, Olive Natural Beauty Elixir, VO5 Hot Oil Therapy Treatment and NIKA Facial Exfoliating Brush.

Beauty Box 5 August 2016 hair

My hair is super long. I hope to get it cut soon. For now, I love putting it up in a ponytail to keep it out of my face. The DID. Hair Spa Day Hair Ties are perfect to keep on my wrists. Each hair tie has a cute pattern on them so they double as a bracelet or hair tie.

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I like to treat my hair and scalp to a deep conditioning at least once a week or a few times a month. It helps keep my hair soft and manageable. It also helps to moisturize my scalp. I love that the VO5 Hot Oil Therapy Treatment is so easy and quick to use. I only need to apply to my hair and scalp a few minutes before I take a shower.

The oil is such a treat. Put the unopened tube in hot water to warm the oil. Massage the oil in your hair and scalp and allow to sit for about a minute. I wash away the oil with regular shampoo and conditioner.

My hair is left looking smooth and feeling soft!

Beauty Box 5 August 2016 skin

The Global Beauty Care Retinol Spa Treatment Mask is a perfect treat after a long week! I prefer to use masks on the weekend or in the evening as a way to relax and enjoy quiet time. The mask only needs 20 minutes of your time. When you remove the mask, be sure to massage the serum into your skin! A mask is a great way to recharge yourself as well as your skin.

I use the Olive Natural Beauty Elixir just before bed. I always use cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Sometimes I use a serum, if I have some on-hand. The Olive Natural Beauty Elixir is a great way to seal in all that moisture on your skin. I love the little sample bottle as it is perfect for travel!

NIKA Facial Exfoliating Brush

I like to exfoliate my skin at least once a week. I use a scrub or I have a few devices that help cleanse and gentle exfoliate my skin. The NIKA Facial Exfoliating Brush is a fun way to exfoliate. The NIKA Facial Exfoliating Brush offers a gentle daily exfoliation! I apply my cleanser and then use the brush in small circular motions over my face and neck. In between uses, I allow to air dry. The brush is so soft on my skin!


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