Back to School Shuffle

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Back to School Shuffle

My son went back to school this week. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited we are! My son loves school and I love when he’s in school. He loves the routine and he loves being around his teachers and classmates.

I am currently working on getting our son back on a regular sleep schedule. This past summer, our son loved staying up super late and then waking up later. It is taking me a bit getting used to going to bed at a decent hour. I like to get up early to put on my makeup.

This first week is a little crazy because he is a bus rider and he needs a harness (he has Autism). The harness keeps him strapped in while on the bus, otherwise, our son may run. The school seems to have missed the mark and we are still waiting on the harness. Last year was the same. We usually have to provide transportation for him the first week or so because we have to wait for the paperwork and then the harness to be provided. It is such a nightmare and so frustrating to have to do this every year. Why can’t the paperwork be filled out at the end of the school year before summer break?

My husband is working a full time schedule. He leaves for work just as my mother-in-law and I have to pick up the little man from school. My husband finally has a regular schedule. Up until a week ago, he had split days off and he was working swing shift for three days and then switches to graveyard shift for two days. They finally hired more people so hopefully he will finally have his two days off to spend with the family.

The first week of school is always crazy for us but we make it work. I am enjoying the quiet time during the day and my husband gets peace and quiet while he sleeps. I get to focus on my fitness programs. I like to workout in the morning when the weather isn’t as hot. I always feel better after my workout and it is done and over with for the day. I feel the energy all day too! I just started 21 Day Fix this week…again!

What is your back to school routine? How do you stay sane during the crazy changes?


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