Are You Ready for the Onslaught?

Are You Ready for the Onslaught?

Are you ready for the onslaught?

Are You Ready for the Onslaught?Yep, it’s back-to-school time and the fundraisers are already pouring into our house. My two youngest kids (who are still school age) are both in band, so we get double the amount of fundraisers here.

I get it. The education system is extremely under-funded with less and less money every year to use for materials to support educating our children. I try to help out wherever I can. And there are certain fundraisers that are very popular with friends and family every year. For example, the band programs here have Coca Cola fundraisers every year where they sell cases of 20 oz. soft drinks. People love it.

Are You Ready for the Onslaught?But there are others that I just trash (sometimes) because if I don’t, then I’d be calling on people every other week peddling various products. Things like Avon, 31, Pampered Chef or those ones that sell kitchy little stuff like wrapping paper and ribbon or kitchen gadgets.

Last year, my son’s high school band sold rolls of large trash bags in either black or pink to raise money for the band and support breast cancer awareness. That one was pretty popular.

Then there’s the prize levels of items the kids can earn by selling the products. Fortunately my kids are older now (12 & 15) so they don’t care so much anymore about all the little prizes all the time and don’t guilt me on selling everything for them.

Are You Ready for the Onslaught?These pics are of the fundraiser our daughter recently had for band. This was the first one of the year and had stuff that we wanted to order, so we participated. Those Cheese & Pretzel Bites were the first thing I added to the order for, because I know we will all enjoy them. I also ordered the pretzel sticks with cheddar cheese, cuz … of course! Right? And that Caramel Apple Cheesecake looks to-die-for, so that went on the list, too. My older daughter ordered the chocolate cheesecake and the hot fudge melts. She ended up selling about $300 worth of stuff to support the band, so that was pretty good, I think.

So, though I cringe internally whenever they bring these fundraisers home, I’m always interested to see what they’re selling because I’ve actually gotten some pretty neat stuff for birthday or Christmas gifts/stocking stuffers out of it over the years.

What are your thoughts and feelings about school fundraisers?



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