Almond Joy in a bottle

Almond Joy in a bottle

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I love using natural oils for health and beauty. I have a few on hand that I can use for hair, skin, nails and basic cleaning. Using natural oils allows me the freedom to use on my son’s sensitive skin if needed. Beauty oils can also be used to soothe sunburned skin, bug bites and burns.

I use coconut oil as a wood furniture polish. It naturally shines and nourishes our furniture without chemicals. I can also use sweet almond oil the same way.

I received a bottle of GuruNanda™ Sweet Almond Oil to try. Since I have never tried sweet almond oil, I was super excited to see how many uses I can try!

Thankfully, the vitamin and antioxidant-packed multi-tasker is fabulous for skin and hair. It is lightweight and non-greasy.

GuruNanda™ Sweet Almond Oil beautybrite

I have been using GuruNanda™ Sweet Almond Oil as a body moisturizer. The oil is a nice golden color and very liquidy. I can use a pump for each area I am targeting, such as arms, legs and feet. The sweet almond oil absorbs quickly with no oily feel afterwards.

I have not tried it in my hair yet. Since the bottle has a pump, I would only use a quarter of a pump of oil in my hair just to make sure it doesn’t make my scalp look greasy or weigh my hair down.

Sweet almond oil can also be used as a makeup remover, which will come in handy.

When I travel, using natural oils comes in handy because they have many uses, such as moisturizer, conditioner, skin soother, and makeup remover! One product means less products to carry! Using one product means my whole family can use if we needed, especially if we are away from home.

Since we use essential oils, I can use sweet almond oil as a carrier oil when applying essential oils.

GuruNanda™ Sweet Almond Oil is now a favorite of mine. So many uses and it is natural!


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