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What are your thoughts on all this fuss over the birth of the Royal baby? Are you excited? For me, I am reading every news article I can find. We do not have cable TV, so I get my current news from what I read online.

A new baby is exciting. When I was pregnant, I was so thrilled, nervous and curious! I wanted to know what to expect and how our life would change. I had no idea what we were getting into but I was ready for the change.

The Royal baby was born on July 22nd at 4:24pm, weighing 8 pounds, 6 ounces. He was born two days before my own birthday! I was hoping he would be born on my day. No matter what, I will always remember his birthday.

I love all the fuss about the Royal baby! I love reading the news articles and looking at the pictures of the young couple with their baby. They look so happy. I think they will make great parents. As long as they work as a team and help each other out.

When my son was born, I did not have as much help as I expected from my husband. Instead, he put all of his energy and time into his job. He wanted very little to do with his own son and me.

The Royal baby will bring Catherine and William closer together and create a special bond. They have the whole world watching. They handle the attention with such grace and ease. The newest addition to the Royal family is happy news! Celebrate a new life! I am happy for them.

I would love to have another baby; however, it is not the best time for us. I miss having a little baby. I am happy with our life as it is. We are struggling and trying to make it work.


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