Agave Healing Oil Treatment

Agave Healing Oil Treatment
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When I received the pitch to try healing oil for my hair, I jumped at the opportunity! My hair and scalp get dry because I do shower daily. I also do not have the chance to get my hair done as often as I need to, so any additional help I can get with strengthening my hair, I will try! I received Agave Healing Oil Treatment to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

About the product:

Agave brings us their high-performance hair oil. Made with Agave extract, this powerful ingredient has the ability to moisturize while strengthening hair. Its lightweight formula helps build hair resiliency as it boosts vibrancy, shine and color. Packed with amino sugars that are found within the agave that soothe damaged hair and prevent further breaks. The best part is this serum is free of the stuff that isn’t good for your locks like parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

With all new products, I wait until the weekend to try them for the first time. I never know how my skin, body, health, or hair will react to new products.

I found that I only need a drop or two for my hair. Anything more than that, I wipe the access oil on my skin as a moisturizer. I personally do not like to use a lot of oil in my hair because I do not like the look of my hair looking greasy. To me, it looks like I have not showered in days or weeks.

I apply the oil throughout my hair as evenly as I can from root to the ends of my hair. The oil leaves my hair feeling so soft and smooth. I always let my hair air dry unless I am in a hurry to go to bed, I will blow dry my hair.

When I use the oil as a moisturizer, my skin feels incredibly smooth. My skin feels as soft as velvet! I am amazed that I can use the oil for both my skin and hair. My hair and skin have never looked better. My hair is soft and manageable. The ends of my hair look healthy even though I have not had my hair cut in months!

You can find Agave Healing Oil Treatment on Sephora and Amazon.

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    Sounds like a great product. I would love to try it.

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