A Very Late School Bus

A Very Late School Bus

My son takes the bus to and from school. He’s been taking the bus ever since he was in pre-K. Of course as a special needs child, it always takes a few weeks for them to get the paperwork signed and approved. In our school district, they do not provide a special bus and helper to assist. To keep our son “safe” on the bus, the school provides a harness that keeps him buckled in. Our disappointment with the school district transportation is a whole other story!

Last Friday, we were all waiting at the bus stop just like every other morning.

On this morning, I am feeling great because my son and I had a great morning getting ready for school. No fuss, just fun! We are laughing! We are happy because it is Friday after all!

His bus usually picks up around 7:48am.

By 7:50am or later, I start to get a little worried. His bus is usually early or on time! By 7:55am and still no bus, I am trying to be patient and not get worried. By 8:05am, I hear other parents start worrying as well. I can hear them talking about taking their kids to school. I call my husband and let him know there is still no bus.

By 8:09am, I start walking towards home so my husband can take our son to school. Another parent drives by and offers to take him to school!

We hop in and just as we do that, we see the bus pull up!

Meanwhile, I text my husband to let him know another parent is taking us to school.

We end up driving to a few bus stops down and wait for the bus there. We get there and this community has about 15 kids waiting. Our community only has 3 other children that catch the bus at our stop.

The other parent and I get our children on the bus and head home. It turns out; there was a substitute bus driver. The substitute bus didn’t even have the harness buckles to buckle my son in! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame him because he said he wasn’t even informed.  Thankfully, the bus driver sat my son right behind him and had another child sit right next to my son.

It was quite the morning for a Friday. Fridays are supposed to be laid back and easy. It was a bit stressful but once I arrived home, I was able to relax and get some work done!

My son loves school and he loves taking the bus. We have acclimated to the new school year and schedule. We have a nice routine going.

This past weekend, I had to get creative. His teacher wanted us to decorate a pumpkin. His classroom is gearing up for a Halloween party, so she wanted a family art project from each student. She sent home a few art supplies and a picture of a pumpkin on paper. It was a drawing of a pumpkin and we had to decorate it. I am not that creative, so I had to do my best with what she sent. My son helped by supervising the art creation. I wish we could do something special and fun as a family for Halloween, such as go to a pumpkin patch! My family and I used to do that when I was growing up. My parents would take us to a pumpkin patch; we would each pick out pumpkins, get apple cider, apple pie and other goodies!


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