7 Tips to Grow your Social Media

7 Tips to Grow your Social Media

When I started blogging, I had my social media channels set up and hosted my giveaways to build my following. I was only focused on building my numbers. Little did I know I was making so many mistakes! Over the years, I have learned so much with blogging.

I have a few social media tips I wanted to share for bloggers who are just starting out or anyone looking for ways to grow their social media without spending a dime.

Tip 1: Follow people back on Twitter
Sounds simple enough, right? When I was in the process of growing my Twitter following, I really did not bother following people back. It is so easy and important to follow people back. Do you notice that when you follow someone new on Twitter, it gives you a list of 3 new followers to follow? Now imagine that happening when one of your followers receives new followers. Their new followers may see your name show up as a suggestion to follow! In other words, more possible exposure for you!

These days, when I get new followers, I visit their profile and if they catch my eye, I will follow them back. Which brings me to Tip #2!

Tip 2: Fill out your Twitter Bio
Make sure your bio explains the who/what/where/why! Do you have a business/website? List it. Are you a blogger? Do you tweet about specific topics? Let people know. If there is no bio, people are less likely to follow you back.

Tip 3: Check your Twitter feed and messages
I admit, when I first started on Twitter, I never checked my messages or checked who tweeted me. There is no telling what new contact was trying to reach me. Be active. Tweet people back! Feel free to tweet to your current and new followers.

Tip 4: Post new content to Instagram
I aim to post new content on Instagram a few times a week. The easiest way for you to keep your Instagram feed active is to participate in our Monthly IG Photo Challenge that we host at Karma Bloggers! You can LIKE us on Facebook. Be sure to join our group too (the link can be found on our Facebook page)!

Tip 5: Like/Comment on Instagram
Like and comment on people’s pictures. They are more likely to comment back to you and visit your feed. You never know if their followers will check your profile out too.

Tip 6: Fill out your Instagram Bio
Again, fill out your who/what/where/why if applicable. If you are a new follower, I may visit your feed. If I can’t tell what you do or what’s important to you, I may not follow you back. If you’re a blogger or business, consider not using the “private account” option. There is nothing more annoying than seeing a business owner, direct sales owner, etc having a private account.

Here’s an example of a private account. She just followed me on Instagram as I was writing this post:

Private IG account

Do you see she’s a direct sales owner? How are non-followers supposed to find her pictures if she’s private? She’s trying to sell a product and she’s private. If I am a potential customer, wouldn’t you want new people to find your posts? A private account is no fun, right?

Tip 7: Follow people back on Instagram
If someone’s profile/bio interests you, follow them back. Follow Tip #5 and like/comment on their pictures.

Also, when you follow new people on Instagram, you may show up as a suggested follow when they get new followers!


There you have it, my tips to improving your social media numbers. Simple right? You can get started now!


Follow me on Twitter and Instagram! Tweet me! I will tweet back!

Go! Go now! Go get your followers!


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