5 Ways to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat

By Andrea Metcalf,
Author of Naked Fitness: The Proven 28 Day Lifestyle Program for a Slimmer, Fitter, Pain Free Body

The Naked Fitness exercises emphasize a balance between strength and flexibility, endurance, and the development of self–awareness. And you absolutely will get results and be thrilled by the benefits described below.

  1. Move it to lose — You have to get that blood circulating in order to burn calories and utilize fat for fuel. Walking is a great way to get into shape and the American Heart Association’s recommended way to START exercising. Make every effort count by using a core balancing shoe like the Skechers Shape Ups. To really lose those inches fast try for 2 hours of walking a day. Break it up into 10 minute increments.
  2. Eat this not That — You have to make choices and most of the time you probably know which ones are the right or healthier way to go. To get those pounds on the scale to fall off your body try a no label diet. Eat only foods that do not require a label to tell you the nutrition or ingredients. That’s fruits, veggies, meats and water. Skip the rest for two weeks and you can lose up to 10 pounds as many of my clients have.
  3. Tea Totaling — That’s right to really whittle that waistline, you need to give up alcoholic beverages. Before you start to whine, realize that if you have a goal in mind to lose a few inches in a few weeks, then you are going to have to skip those empty calories. Opt for club soda with a slice of fruit.
  4. Hydration sensation — Water is key to keeping your muscles working optimally and your metabolic one too. So drink water as your beverage of choice even over diet sodas. You’ll reduce the amount of chemicals that you are putting into your body that may be holding onto to that waistline.
  5. Muffin movers — Strength training is key to building calorie burning muscles, so try these great strength moves to tone, not bulk up, your total body. Try on a pair of Shape Up Resistance trainers to get a little more out of this workout.

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