5 Things I Like About Myself

5 Things I Like About Myself

Have you thought about what you like about yourself? Do you value yourself? Here is my list of 5 Things I Like About Myself! What would your list be?

1. Organized

When it comes to work and obligations, I am organized and always aim to get everything in a timely manner. I work best with deadlines. I set personal deadlines and make lists of things I need to do. It helps keep me on track.

2. I enjoy helping others

I love helping others to an extent. I have learned over the years not to let others take advantage either. A few years ago, I helped a friend get started with blogging and start her own journey. I helped her from the very beginning to helping her with everything that I know about blogging. She started her blog, social media and got a few posts up. She even found a way to switch to wordpress and get a domain all for free. After a few months, she just stopped blogging. I realized that I need to value my own time as well. I believe she quit blogging because she never had to put her own money into the project. For me, I took time out of my schedule to help her; meanwhile my blog was put on the backburner.

I am willing to help others if they are willing to do the same. Otherwise, I need to start asking for compensation for helping people with blogging.

3. Family Comes First

As anyone knows, family comes first. Always.

4. Loyal friend

I consider myself to be a loyal friend. If you are honest, trustworthy and loyal to me, I am the same to you. I treat everyone equally.

5. Goofy

I am goofy. I love laughing and having a great time. I have a wicked sense of humor and when I meet others with the same quality, we get along great.

Through the years, I have met some amazing blogging friends and still friends to this day. We talk daily! My friendships are everything to me. We help, trust and tell each other everything!


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