48 Hours of No Blogging

48 Hours of No Blogging

From Wednesday morning until Friday evening, I was without my blog!  My blog would not allow me to post or edit!  After calling my hosting company twice, they offered me two solutions and I chose to restore my blog from a month ago.  So far so good.  As soon as the restoration was complete, I had full access to my blog again.  Yay!

I should mention that I love my hosting company.  They are so nice and helpful on the phone.  Plus, they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  I am not hosting/computer savvy at all.  I know how to navigate the internet, email, etc.  Just not website savvy.

Since my blog restored from a month ago, my plugins needed to be updated as well.  Through updating and troubleshooting, I realized that it was one of my plugins causing all the trouble.  It has since been deactivated and deleted.

While I was unable to blog, I was going through withdrawals!  So as not to get behind with blogging, I typed up my reviews in a WORD doc so that I could quickly copy and paste them when I had access to my blog again.

What are you addicted to?  Your cell phone?  Computer/laptop?  Facebook?  Twitter?  Pinterest?  Could you go without your “addictions” for an hour?  One day?  Two days?

That’s how I felt!  I am so addicted to blogging.  My blogs are so important to me.  I really dislike not being able to do something.


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  1. I was without access to my blog once for 24 hours and nearly had a stroke. I am on blogger though and once I am down there seems to be nothing I can do except wait for someone to notice and fix it. Frustrating.

  2. I am as addicted as you. I had to go without internet completely for 2 weeks when I moved here I was chewing the furniture lol

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