4 Tips to Keeping your Car Clean

4 Tips to Keeping your Car Clean

If you are a busy person or just cannot find the time or energy to clean your cars, I have some tips to share!

My husband keeps our minivan clean. He even bought a hand held vacuum to pick up quick messes. He’s been keeping the hand held vacuum at home lately, which comes in handy for me to pick up quick messes! I am so thrilled that he is keeping the minivan spotless.

Our last car was always trashed, it was so embarrassing. He threw all the garbage (think receipts, fast food bags, etc) in the back behind his seat. Our son sat right there, so his feet would hang right above or sometimes in the trash.

With our minivan, cleanliness is the complete opposite now. He keeps it clean and spotless. He gets it vacuumed and washed at the gas station. He also carries a natural cleaner and microfiber towel to wipe the windows and surfaces when needed.

1. Have the motivation

My husband is an Uber driver. He needs to keep our vehicle cleaned for the passengers. One time, a really drunk passenger threw up in our minivan. He said he “cleaned up” as best he could but wanted to get it shampooed. The next morning, he and I went to the closets place that offers deep cleaning! It stunk so bad that we kept the windows down on the way there. Not only that, it was a 15 to 20 minute drive. We had to breathe through our mouths; otherwise, we would smell the stench of alcohol.

If you are a carpooler, keep the car clean for your passengers.

2. Keep cleaning supplies nearby

Keep a trash bag in the vehicle and/or trunk. We all know we have 200 plastic grocery bags stuff away in a drawer, make use of them and keep some in the car to use as garbage bags. You can throw them out when you’re out and about.

My husband keeps the hand held vacuum nearby so he can use it before leaving to Uber. He also uses the natural cleaner he keeps in the back. Otherwise, he will go to the gas station and use their cleaning supplies (window wash) and vacuum if needed.

3. Do a quick cleaning of the car once a week

Make it a habit to clean your car on a regular basis. Don’t think of it as a chore. If needed, turn on some music and make it fun to clean!

Have your kids help. Make a game out of it.

4. Hire a neighbor kid to clean.

If you still don’t have the time or energy to clean your vehicles, consider hiring a neighbor kid to clean your vehicles for you!

Do you keep your cars clean? Do you have any tips to share?

You can find the hand held vacuum at Target or Walmart.


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