3 Must-Have fruit-filled fragrances

3 Must-Have fruit-filled fragrances

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Being able to review 3 perfumes at one time was like a dream come true to me!!  I am so thrilled to receive three gems to add to my perfume drawer! If you love fruity fragrances, these are the 3 must-have fragrances to add to your collection! All 3 perfumes smell wonderful and I will wear every last drop of each one, but there is a favorite!

I received Lavanila Laboratories The Healthy Fragrance in Vanilla Grapefruit, Wild Essence by Halle Berry and GUESS Dare.


My favorite of the three would have to be GUESS Dare! I knew after the first spray that this was a perfume made just for me! It is very sophisticated and feminine at the same time. I have tried guess perfumes in the past, but this one is very unique and different from any of the others. The top notes of this perfume are lemon blossom, pear blossom, cactus blossom, wild rose and jasmine. The bottle is very appealing with rose gold accents and a small necklace around the neck, with an engraved plate of the brand Guess. I wish this piece was just a little bit longer I would somehow figure out a way to get it off and wear it as a bracelet.

Wild Essence by Halle Berry beautybrite

My next favorite out of the three would be Wild Essence by Halle Berry! My first thought on this was ” this is not something I would of bought from the store” but after wearing it more and more I have grown to really love this scent. Who better to bottle up a sensual sexy fragrance other than Halle Berry herself? This fragrance has top notes of light citrus, fresh freesia, white rose and cotton flower. I love the cute size of the bottle and its easy to toss into my purse.

Vanilla Grapefruit beautybrite

I can’t really say my least favorite because I also really enjoyed the fragrance of Lavanila Laboratories, which is a vanilla grapefruit that is actually a healthy fragrance called Lavanila Laboratories The Healthy Fragrance in Vanilla Grapefruit. I can say this has to be one of the first perfumes that reads made ” with good for you ingredients” I have always loved the fresh scent of vanilla and adding the grapefruit gives a nice pick me up and awakening scent. This perfume is made with essential oils and 100% botanicals. I find my self spraying this just to spray it only because I love the fresh smell!

I dread the day these three bottles become empty and I love being able to choose between these 3 wonderful scents! Each day is a new day and I never know which one I will pick!


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